Commissions -

Commissioned oil paintings take a minimum of seven months from commitment to delivery of the completed work. Timing depends on whether the subject has a concrete existence or whether the painting will be based on old photographs, drawings, recollections or historical descriptions.

Commissioned portraits take a month longer. If time does not permit the sponsor to sit for the entire portrait, the painter will do a photographic study as an additional source for the painting.

In some instances a commission does not call for the actual sale and delivery of the original oil painting. A digital scan or canvas print will often be sufficient for advertising, promotion or public presentation of the image. The painter under certain circumstances will grant limited reproduction rights to the image for purposes of advertising. If the painter retains the original oil painting the canvas print or digital scan can be offered at a reduced price. Email for further information.

For commissioned work giclee canvas prints in quantities of 50 or more for one image will require at least four additional weeks. This includes stretching and framing, if desired.

For commissioned work lithographic prints are available with a minimum order of 300 prints per image.

Oil paintings are stretched on wood stretcher boards, varnished and framed. The varnish used is the highest quality archival synthetic varnish, with UV inhibitors, that will not yellow over time. If required the painting can be removed from the stretcher boards, rolled and sent in a sturdy tube.