Thomas Jewusiak's Work
The painter will accept a commission to paint in oil on fine linen canvas an accurate representation of a building of historic or architectural significance.He will recreate worthy old buildings demolished long ago. He will recreate lost street scenes in collaboration with historians. The painter specializes in old sailing boats, harbor scenes, wildlife and horses. He paints individual and family portraits. He will paint natural landscapes of rare or threatened beauty. He will travel anywhere if the work is compelling. In special circumstances he will donate his time and effort to worthy historic restoration enterprises and nature conservation groups. Email for further information.

  • Historical Societies
  • Chambers' of Commerce
  • Historic Restoration Contractors
  • Proprietors of Fine Old Homes
  • Architects, Builders and Landscape Designers
  • Historians of America's Historic Towns
  • Nature Conservators and Preservationists
  • Architectural Renderings for Special Presentations before Planning Boards and Town Councils
  • Art Museums, Art Galleries and Art Shows